Monday, March 5, 2012

Our family trip to Edmonton!

We just recently went to Edmonton to see Sienna's CI Audiologist and her pediatrician.
Her audiologist, of course, was amazed with her language skills. She speaks and understands both English and French. We did the usual sound booth test and checked her mapping and everything is good. We'll see them again in 6 months.
Her pediatrician appointment however did not go so well. Despite the awesome fact that Sienna has not been sick with a cold since August, she still is not gaining like she should. After having the flu twice, surviving the hectic holidays and even though the entire family had a cold a couple of weeks ago, Sienna, the allmighty went through it all healthier than ever. She has not gone a month without fighting something since she was born. My husband and I are constantly feeding her, encouraging her to eat, giving her all sorts of food, she only weighs 23.8 lbs at 4.5 years. She did gain over a 1lb in 6 months, when charting her, she is widening the space between her and the bottom of the growth chart. This is just the first sign that she is plateauing, so her next doctor's appointment will tell us lots. As for as height, she is 36", growing 0.5inches in 6 months. We will have to continue working hard at keeping her healthy and getting her to eat.
With Sienna's medical trips, we usually go and come back as fast as possible. This time our family needed some time together so we packed up all the kids and stayed at Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall. We had the pleasure of going to a sea lion show, a penguin show and visiting a marine life exhibition. What great family fun!