Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sienna's hearing progress!

Well, it'll be just about 3 months post-activation for our little Sienna.
Everyone always asks...so are they working?
Here is what I say...
Yes, my little girl can hear!
She looks right at us when we speak to her!
She looks at the phone base when the phone rings!
She recognizes certain sounds and points or acts it out!
ex: When she hears "eeee" she does a monkey.
She differentiates between sounds... for example a bark and a meow!
She dances when she hears music!
She sings our little song when it's time to wash our hands
(doesn't have any sounds right but she has the melody somewhat)!
She localizes sound!
She can hear!
The next question asked.... is she talking?
Here is what I say...
She is making new sounds, not nessarily the ones we are showing her but they're new sounds!
She does "ou", "ow", "ba" and others with no association to anything, yet!
She just started saying,"mam, mam, mam" when she is whining for me!
Its only a matter of time before we hear her first word!
We are reading to her all the time.
There's never any background noise.
We go to Peace River for speech therapy once a week.
Alot of one on one with her.
Lots of repetitions.
There is one thing Sienna has taught me through all of this, it is PATIENCE.


  1. Sounds like she's off to a wonderful start! Yay Sienna! I often wonder if one day I'll think Aiden talks too much!? Nah!

  2. That sounds great for 3-months post-activation! Great progress!!!