Saturday, April 3, 2010

March has come and gone!!

March came and went very quickly. Here is what we've been busy with...

*Sienna and I visited a grade 11/12 biology class to talk to them about cochlear implants, they were very interested and had great questions. I think it is so important to educate everyone around many have never seen anyone with them; never mind some have never heard about it.

*Rylee had her gymnastics funmeet...she placed 1st overall. We are very proud of her! She is my shining star!

*My brother-in-law was in an awful avalanche accident in Revelstoke…he is recovering at home now, so we had taken time to go see him in Edmonton. After such a close call hitting so close to home…you can’t help but re-evaluate your priorities in life and remind yourself once again that no matter how busy and stressful life gets…FAMILY is #1.

*I am preparing for a temporary full-time position in grade 3 starting mid April. I am finishing the school year, replacing a teacher going on mat leave. As busy as life will be for our growing family, I am very excited to get back into my career and get another taste of it before the new baby comes.

*My husband is a journeyman carpenter and one of his dreams is to build his family a new house….well his dream is coming true. This past week, we moved our existing home to another spot in our yard to make room for our new house. We are living with my parents temporarily, until all the utilities are hooked up in our existing house. My husband has been hard at work, he makes me so proud. We’ll probably begin the foundation in the coming weeks.

*Last but not least, my little Sienna is doing so well. For her name, she says “enna” but the other day, at speech, she said her 3 syllable name. Yeah, she makes me smile. Her receptive language keeps growing and she tries and tries and tries to repeat everything we say. It is so cute. She is missing a lot of the beginning sounds, especially the ones she knows like “b”, “m”, “s”, “p”, so we have been practicing on that.

Sorry it has been so long, I will do my best to write more often…bye for now, hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!

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