Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sienna’s first year of pre-school

Sienna ended her first year of pre-school at the end of May and I have to say she made tremendous progress since the day she first began. She spent 2 mornings a week in a colorful, energetic and positive classroom full of French speaking classmates, a teacher and a teacher assistant.

Mme Marthe, her energetic teacher, spent an enormous amount of time preparing enriching and interesting activities, and crafts. She always had positive words and ways with all the children, when they would act out, she would look them in the eyes and say, "Je t'aime!" At the end of the class, every child would line up and take a turn to listen to Mme Marthe whisper kind words in every student's ear. Sienna was always excited to go to school, every night before bed she would ask if she has school tomorrow. You can just imagine our summer holidays, "est-ce que j'ai l'ecole demain?"

Mme Diane, her teacher's assistant, was introduced to Sienna in the middle of January and they hit it off from the start. This was not surprising as Mme Diane is a gentle, kind and has a gift of listening which is exactly what Sienna needs to flourish. She drops down to her knees to listen to Sienna's words, she speaks slowly in a calm voice with great articulation. Sienna and Mme Diane prepared a special box with vocabulary cards used to play games to enrich her vocabulary. Sienna's very lucky to have found these two people along her hearing journey. They both played an important role in her progress.

We can't wait for September when school starts as I can just imagine what kind of leaps and bounds she'll make next year.

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  1. Her school and her teachers sound amazing! I'm so glad you found such a wonderful place. I'm at the John Tracy Clinic right now (in California) with Aiden and they've been talking a lot about teaching deaf kids to be bilingual. Just curious, do you teach Sienna English too? Sounds like she's doing such a wonderful job! There's another couple here from Alberta (I believe) - three from Canada though and I believe four French speaking families all together.