Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Candidacy Evaluation Continues...

We are off to Edmonton tomorrow, for appointments, consultations and more appointments...
She is a CI candidate according to her profound hearing loss in both ears however we still need to go through a few more appointments before they tell us that she is definitely a CI Candidate.

Here is what we are in for...

9-10- Sienna's hearing test (Glenrose)
10-11- Speech assessement (Glenrose)
11-12- CI Consultation (Glenrose)
3:00- appointment at the Wildrose to check Sienna's hearing aids

9-12 - CI Consultation (Glenrose) (without kids)

8:00-?? CT scan at the U of A where they need to sedate her

9-12 CI Consultaion (Glenrose) (without kids)
1-2 Social Worker (Glenrose)
3:00- The Wildrose Audiology Clinic is having a Kids Party for all the kids who wear hearing that they work with.

It'll be a very informative week, we will be reviewing the risks, pros, cons, statistics, etc... of cochlear implants.

We would like to thank Darcy and Lisa, Matante Yvonne and Tracey, in advance for helping us out this week in Edmonton, your kindness means everything to us.

I will keep you posted!


  1. I wish you great luck and patience. I'm sure it will be a very long week, but well worth it!

  2. Oh I remember these weeks ... you need another week just to catch up! Good luck with everything!

  3. Oh beautiful Sienna, my little boy is currently going through the same thing! You are not alone sweet girl!

    I have a 8 mo old little boy, Troy, who is currently going through the process of finding out if he's a CI canidate or not.

    I will be sure to keep checking up on sweet Sienna and keep her and your whole family in our prayers!

    God bless,