Sunday, May 17, 2009

The "joys" of Hearing Aids

HMMMM.... what can I say about hearing aids?!?!?
For anyone who has a child with them,
I'm sure you can relate!

***Feedback, feedback, feedback
does it ever end??

***seems like just when one is working....
the other gives us problems?!?!

*** "WOW, do they ever taste good!?!"
(she sure knows how to get my attention quickly,
especially when I'm on the phone, or cooking supper....never fails)

" Oh! this is where they go, Mom!"
Besides all of the daily nuissances,

**she turns her head to our voices

**she babbles alot more with them on

**she is now doing the "O" formation with her mouth
and every so often the sound "ooooo" comes out, YOUPI!

**we are stimulating the auditory nerve in preparation
for a cochlear implant


  1. Oh the days of hearing aids ... everyone told us to use Otoferm (it never worked for us), our audiologist told us to try Cornhuskers lotion and it worked just like it did on my grandpa's hands - wonderful!! lol! Plus one bottle will last you the whole HA period! Stimulating that auditory nerve is so important right now and sounds like Sienna is having some awesome responses! Way to go!

  2. I feel your frustration with the feedback from the hearing aids. The feedback finally got better for us with new ear molds. I'm sure Lily will grow out of them soon though. It's awesome that Sienna turns to your voices and is making some sounds. Lily has never responded to our voices or any environmental sounds. Good luck with your final candidacy evaluations.

  3. ah, yes. feedback. i swear i would hear it at all times- even if monrovia was sound asleep and her ha's were sitting turned off. it was SOOOO frustrating. i'll just say this: hearing aids are a gift, but also can be SOOO annoying. but one thing that has been encouraging once m's cochlear implants were activated is that the fact that she wore her ha's so much prepared her for the implants. AND our audiologist thinks that all of that auditory nerve stimulation really helped.

    it is worth all of the energy and time!

  4. Her reaction to sound with the HA is impressive. We never got the impression that Emma heard anything with her hearing aids. Sounds like Sienna is off to a good start in her hearing journey.

  5. Congratulations Sienna! So glad all went well with the surgery and you are recovering quickly! To Jenny, Kevin & Rylee, Sienna is so blessed to have such a beautiful family. We're praying for you all and especially for the success of Sienna's special day when she gets "wired in" Love always,
    The Lauze Family