Friday, September 4, 2009

I heard that!!

I heard that!!
Since Tuesday, since Program 3
She's been giving evident signs that
She just loves to play the piano!!
She dances everytime she hears a song!!

Pepere (grandpa in French) stood behind her,
said her name and spoke
she turned her head
I looked in disbelief
1st reaction to sound

The look in her eyes, her facial expression,
You can tell she is definitely using those auditory nerves

I turn the water on
She points to the water
She points to her ear,
I can not believe my eyes,
Is she actually hearing the water running...
Of course she is,
she has 2 cochlear implants,

It is so hard to believe
It is too good to be true
This is only the beginning

Rylee, the older sister
began kindergarten this week
all grown up
no fear, only excitement

Sienna, the younger sister
misses her older sister
but gets to spend quality time with her mom!

And we can't wait to move up to Program 4, watch out!

She gives that a BIG thumbs up!


  1. Isn't this just an amazing journy!?! I love every bit of it! Such cute pictures!

  2. That's so great! I'm so excited that she's making such strides already! You must be so happy!!!!!!!!!1

  3. This is amazing Jenny! I am so happy for Sienna and your whole family! Hopefully we will be at this point around Christmas time. Keep the updates coming, I love reading about them!

  4. So exciting! Your sweet girl can hear!

  5. so wonderful! and the journey of sound keeps getting better and better!