Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sienna's Activation video, at last!

Video is from August 11th, her CI activation. What a great reaction!! The big frown, the look around, the arms out and of course the turn to mom, it was just too much for her.


We have begun seeing our SLP, Lindsay, in Peace River. We go once a week and we have a schedule of activities that we do. Right now it's all about receptive language for Sienna. She is taking it all in. You can tell that she is hearing everything, I just love it when she turns her head to me immediately after I start talking to her. We read to her everyday, we sing songs and we repeat everything...and by the way we have chosen to do all of this in french. We are a bilingual family, we are French Canadians. My husband only began speaking english when he was 6 years old and as for myself, my mother is english and my father is french. I went to school in french and received my Bachelors of Education in french. Rylee is bilingual, she speaks both french and english and sometimes frenglish. We cannot close that bilingual door just yet for Sienna. Our bilingualism is a part of our culture, our identity, our pride. I am a teacher, I believe that with Sienna being immersed in the two languages she will do well. However, I am open to the fact that at the end of the day, if two languages is too much for her, we will drop the french, and english will be her only language. Our SLP researched CI and bilingualism and found out that as long as the CI child is immersed in both languages, it is possible.

Hope you enjoyed the video!


  1. I cried! This brought tears to my eyes! This is amazing! I am soooo happy for Sienna and your family! I cannot WAIT until this day! God bless you and your family!!!

  2. Love her reaction! I look forward to more updates.
    What a beauty.

  3. Great video, so cute! Good for you for sticking with the bilingual thing. My husband and I are both Spanish teachers, and we always wanted to raise our children in a bilingual home, but we've just decided to concentrate on English. I definitely think it's different when it's someone's first language though, and Spanish is not ours, although we're both fluent. I'm really excited to hear how it goes!!

  4. What great reactions! I love the look on her face when she puts her hand up like, what is that?! Priceless! I met a family from Iran a few months ago who came to the states just for surgery, but ended staying. Their three year old daughter is fluent in English and Farsi! I was amazed at how well she spoke too! Good luck!