Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sienna's on fire!

Just when we get discouraged,
Sienna comes around and makes us proud.
This last month has blown us away.
Her language skills are developing.
She surprises us everyday.
Everyday, I add a word to her receptive language.
She attempts to repeat difficult sounds.
She has about 15 speech sounds
and about 30 receptive words.
When I sing, she tries too, it is so neat.

We had an audiologist appointment this week at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and they were amazed at how well Sienna is doing. She is just about 4 months post activation and she has a great start on her language development. We did a sound booth test and she is hearing sounds at a 15 db and speech sounds at a 25 db.

Sienna is doing so well because of 2 reasons,

1) She is a sponge, she loves to imitate, she is absorbing it all

2) Her older sister Rylee, she does everything Rylee does, she listens to her, she mimics her every move.

Rylee is my #1 language tool.

Rylee is her #1 idol.